• By Robert Pewter
  • 17-Aug-2016

How To Check If Your Android Smartphone Sensors Are Working Correctly

Android smartphone sensors enable many of the features you use on a daily basis. This is how you can check if your mobile's sensors are working correctly.

  • By Robert Pewter
  • 16-Aug-2016

8 Amazing Things You Can Do With Google Cardboard for FREE

Google Cardboard is helping to bring virtual reality to the masses. Here's a taste of what it will let you do on your Android phone.

  • By Robert Pewter
  • 09-Aug-2016

The five most common WiFi problems and how to fix them

Maybe you have a slow connection, or it’s shared. It could be intermittent or unreliable. There could be a whole host of issues you don’t know how to resolve. Here we'll show you some of the most common problems and how to fix them.

  • By Robert Pewter
  • 08-Aug-2016

Android Is Based On Linux, But That Doesn't Make It A PC

Android is based on Linux, which is widely known for PC operating systems, but the question is, does this make Android a PC operating system also? Learn the similarities and differences between the two.

  • By Robert Pewter
  • 07-Aug-2016

How Much Battery Does Your Bluetooth Connection Consume?

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows electronic devices to connect to one another. It’s perfect for the transfer of data over short distances. You can use it to transfer files from your computer to your phone.