• By Robert Pewter
  • 04-Aug-2016

The 8 Major Benefits Of Using An Android Smartphone

It's hard to know which OS is best when buying a new smartphone. Read on to discover some of the benefits of using Android.

  • By Robert Pewter
  • 02-Aug-2016

13 Of The Worst Android Phones Ever Made

The fact that anyone can release an Android phone means that there are lots of options on the market. Unfortunately, not all of them are good. These are the worst.

  • By Robert Pewter
  • 29-Jul-2016

7 Of The Best Android Phones Money Can Buy

The array of Android phones can be bewildering. These are some of the best devices available.

  • By Key Content
  • 25-Jul-2016

What are WiFi dead spots and how can you prevent them?

You’ve probably noticed you can’t get a decent WiFi signal in certain parts of your house, but when you move a little, your signal comes back. Welcome to the world of WiFi dead spots.

  • By Robert Pewter
  • 19-Jul-2016

Why The Summer Climate Can Be Bad For Your Android – And How You Can Keep It Safe

Everyone loves summer, right? Well, it's probably not your mobile phone's favourite time of year. Here's how you can look after your device and why it's important to do so