• By Robert Pewter
  • 12-Dec-2016

The Effect of DataSync on your Battery

Have you been using DataSync only to discover that your battery is dying early? The good news is that you can make a few changes to your device to help your battery last longer.

  • By Robbie Pewter
  • 24-Oct-2016

Discover the Flip Battery Saver history

Did you already try the app? Discover how the idea came up in the Maxwell team.

  • By Robbie Pewter
  • 10-Oct-2016

Discover our new app, Flip Battery Saver

Do you have problems with you battery? Let us introduce you the best app to solve it

  • By Key Content
  • 04-Oct-2016

5 Android Apps that Sap your Battery

Smartphones and tablets are constantly being upgraded. They have become more intelligent, a lot lighter and they’ve taken on some spectacular designs. One thing that still remains a problem though is battery performance.

  • By Robert Pewter
  • 14-Sep-2016

How To Install Flash Player On Android 5.0 Lollipop

Support for Flash Player was dropped in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, but you can still run it on your Android 5.0 device. Find out how below.

  • By Robert Pewter
  • 11-Sep-2016

Why Calibrate the Battery of Your Android Device?

If your battery drains quickly or gives you poor performance, it may be time to recalibrate. To understand what recalibration means, it’s first important to understand what BatteryStats is.

  • By Robert Pewter
  • 24-Aug-2016

Why You Should Download Utility Apps To Your Android Phone

Utility apps might not be glamorous, but they are useful. Read on for why you might want to download some of them.

  • By Key Content
  • 24-Aug-2016

Best Gadgets on the Market to Charge Your Battery

From pocket-sized batteries to solar powered charging pads, the options are endless. If you think your battery could do with a top up every now and then, take a look at our list of incredible charging stations that power up your devices in a snap.

  • By Robert Pewter
  • 17-Aug-2016

How To Check If Your Android Smartphone Sensors Are Working Correctly

Android smartphone sensors enable many of the features you use on a daily basis. This is how you can check if your mobile's sensors are working correctly.

  • By Robert Pewter
  • 08-Aug-2016

Android Is Based On Linux, But That Doesn't Make It A PC

Android is based on Linux, which is widely known for PC operating systems, but the question is, does this make Android a PC operating system also? Learn the similarities and differences between the two.

  • By Robert Pewter
  • 02-Aug-2016

13 Of The Worst Android Phones Ever Made

The fact that anyone can release an Android phone means that there are lots of options on the market. Unfortunately, not all of them are good. These are the worst.

  • By Robert Pewter
  • 29-Jul-2016

7 Of The Best Android Phones Money Can Buy

The array of Android phones can be bewildering. These are some of the best devices available.

  • By Robert Pewter
  • 12-Jul-2016

What WiFi Patrol Does And Why You Might Want To Use It

WiFi Patrol is a free app that lets you test your internet speed. This is why you might want to use it.

  • By Robert Pewter
  • 06-Jul-2016

5 Android Phones with the Best Battery in the Market you can buy

Good battery performance is one of the most important things buyers look for in a new phone. Want a phone that gives you 15- 20 hours of battery life? Then take a look at our list of top performing android batteries of 2016.

  • By Robert Pewter
  • 05-Jul-2016

The 5 Best Android ROMs In 2016

When looking to purchase custom ROM, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the choices. Feel free to read on for a rundown of the best Android ROMs in 2016.

  • By Robert Pewter
  • 29-Jun-2016

6 Things You Need A Rooted Phone To Do

Rooting is a major topic in the Android community, but not everyone knows what it lets you do. Below we’ve compiled 6 things only possible with a rooted phone.

  • By Robbie Pewter
  • 01-Jun-2016

What Is An Android ROM?

If you’re wondering what an Android ROM is then you’ve come to the right place. Feel free to read on to find out more about this software’s almost limitless capabilities.

  • By Robbie Pewter
  • 26-May-2016

The Benefits Of Using Antivirus Software On Your Android Phone

Despite all the mobile malware out there, many people still aren't doing anything to protect their phones. Read on to learn more about the dangers of malware and how antivirus software can help.

  • By Robbie Pewter
  • 13-May-2016

How To Track Your Child's Android Phone To Find Out Their Location

If you need to know where your children (or other relatives) are, Android offers a couple of ways to track a phone. Read on to learn how.

  • By Robbie Pewter
  • 11-May-2016

8 Things To Do When Your Android Phone Gets Stolen

If you're in the horrible situation of having had your Android phone stolen or lost, there are certain things to do to minimise the damage. Read on to learn more.