• By Key Content
  • 12-Jan-2017

Can the cloud and outsourcing improve wireless network security?

Security is one of the biggest challenges facing cloud computing – especially the use of the cloud for information technology development.

  • By Key Content
  • 01-Dec-2016

How Can I See Wi-Fi Passwords Saved on my Android?

Want to connect a new device to your phone's Wi-Fi network but can't remember your password? Perhaps you'd like to share your phone's data connection with your pal.

  • By Robert Pewter
  • 07-Nov-2016

5 Ways to Stop Your Neighbours from Stealing Your Wi-Fi

There are many factors that can decrease your Internet speed. Bad cables, a malfunctioning router or outdated firmware are common culprits. But have you ever considered Wi-Fi theft? This could also considerably slow down your network speed.

  • By Robert Pewter
  • 09-Aug-2016

The five most common WiFi problems and how to fix them

Maybe you have a slow connection, or it’s shared. It could be intermittent or unreliable. There could be a whole host of issues you don’t know how to resolve. Here we'll show you some of the most common problems and how to fix them.

  • By Robert Pewter
  • 27-Jun-2016

How To Turn Your Android Phone Into A Wi-Fi Hotspot

If you need internet on the go you can use your Android phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot, either directly in your device’s settings or by using a third-party app.

  • By Robbie Pewter
  • 06-Jun-2016

6 Tips For Staying Safe When Using Public Wi-Fi

Using public Wi-Fi network on your phone can be dangerous. Use these tips to stay safe and improve security on any public network.

  • By Robbie Pewter
  • 25-Feb-2016

How To Boost Your Android’s Wi-Fi Connection

If you’re having issues it’s often the Wi-Fi connection that’s to blame. Not only does it eat away at your battery power, a lot of the time it just flat out doesn’t work as well as it should.