• By Key Content
  • 01-Dec-2016

How Can I See Wi-Fi Passwords Saved on my Android?

Want to connect a new device to your phone's Wi-Fi network but can't remember your password? Perhaps you'd like to share your phone's data connection with your pal.

  • By Robert Pewter
  • 23-Nov-2016

How to Use the Phone to Connect my Tablet or Laptop Online

If you’re caught in a situation where you don’t have Wi-Fi to connect your laptop to the Internet, you could always bank on your phone’s data connection for the same.

  • By Robert Pewter
  • 07-Nov-2016

5 Ways to Stop Your Neighbours from Stealing Your Wi-Fi

There are many factors that can decrease your Internet speed. Bad cables, a malfunctioning router or outdated firmware are common culprits. But have you ever considered Wi-Fi theft? This could also considerably slow down your network speed.

  • By Robert Pewter
  • 02-Nov-2016

How to Get Wi-Fi in Your Car

Do you feel crippled without the Internet? Most of us do. While it’s easy to have Wi-Fi access at home or in a few public places, it’s not all that common to have Wi-Fi connectivity in a car.

  • By Robert Pewter
  • 05-Sep-2016

5 Signs Indicating Your Router Is Failing

Router’s aren’t designed to last you a lifetime. Heat, exposure to dust, and vibrations can wear out your router after 5-10 years. There are certain signs you’ll see when your router starts failing. Let’s troubleshoot.

  • By Key Content
  • 31-Aug-2016

How to Choose a Safe Password for My Wi-Fi

If you don’t use a secure Wi-Fi network from your Android device, you will leave your phone vulnerable to security issues. Thieves will have easy access to your passwords, bank statements and RFID credit card data.

  • By Robert Pewter
  • 22-Aug-2016

How To Backup And Restore Contacts On Android

Avoid the nightmare of losing important contacts by learning how to backup the contacts on your SIM card and restore them to your Android phone.

  • By Robert Pewter
  • 12-Jul-2016

What WiFi Patrol Does And Why You Might Want To Use It

WiFi Patrol is a free app that lets you test your internet speed. This is why you might want to use it.

  • By Robert Pewter
  • 07-Jul-2016

Why Your WiFi Is Slower Than You Paid For and What You Can Do

Getting an internet connection that is slower than your provider previously advertised in frustrating. Use the WiFi Patrol app to track how your internet connection really performs.

  • By Robert Pewter
  • 06-Jul-2016

11 Android Security Tips To Keep Your Smartphone Safe

If the increasing threat of malware is worrying you, read on to learn more about Android security and how to keep your phone safe.

  • By Robert Pewter
  • 27-Jun-2016

How To Turn Your Android Phone Into A Wi-Fi Hotspot

If you need internet on the go you can use your Android phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot, either directly in your device’s settings or by using a third-party app.

  • By Robbie Pewter
  • 06-Jun-2016

6 Tips For Staying Safe When Using Public Wi-Fi

Using public Wi-Fi network on your phone can be dangerous. Use these tips to stay safe and improve security on any public network.

  • By Robbie Pewter
  • 19-May-2016

How To Use Your Android To Scan A QR Code

QR codes are used for all sorts of things and can often unlock little bonus features. Read on to learn how to use your Android phone to scan a QR code.

  • By Robbie Pewter
  • 25-Feb-2016

How To Boost Your Android’s Wi-Fi Connection

If you’re having issues it’s often the Wi-Fi connection that’s to blame. Not only does it eat away at your battery power, a lot of the time it just flat out doesn’t work as well as it should.