Flip Battery Saver

Flip Battery Saver

Extend your battery life


About the app

Simply flip your device face down to extend your battery by up to 50% and start helping the environment in the process!

Flip Battery Saver even lets you see how much CO2 you’re helping save.

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Why use Flip Battery Saver

Save Mode

Simply activate the save battery mode flipping your device face down. Three modes are available for you: ON, OFF and the coolest one flip.

Super Killer

Kill processes that are running in the background of your smartphone and are causing battery drain.

Battery Level

Get reliable and detailed information about power remaining, time remaining and the health and temperature of your battery.

Key Features

CO2 Saver

Discover how many tons of CO2 you have saved thanks to Flip.


Define which functionalities you want to activate and deactivate with the saving mode: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, screen brightness control and more.

Doze mode

Try the “doze mode” which will activate and deactivate your Wi-Fi every 5 minutes to check your device for messages and updates while still saving battery life.

Give it a look!