Screen Lock Guardian

Screen Lock Guardian

Keep your apps safe from snoopers.

About the app

Screen Lock Guardian protects your photos and apps from snoopers. Know who attempted to break in with the silent selfie feature, and set a maximum amount of unlocking attempts. Set a PIN or a Pattern and you are ready to go!

Should the thief fail to unlock the phone, Screen Lock Guardian's silent selfie feature will snap a photo with the front camera and save it along with the date and time. The intruder can't know!

On top of increasing your phone’s safety, Screen Lock Guardian also shows the local weather forecast, as well as the current time. And with the launcher, you can open up to 5 apps directly from the lock screen!

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Features Highlight

Launch your favorite apps

You can launch up to 5 apps directly from Screen Lock Guardian, just double-tap on one of them, unlock the phone and the app will launch immediately.

Automatic intruder selfie

Screen Lock Guardian takes a silent photo whenever someone fails to unlock it. The picture is stored in a separate folder, so it won't show up with the rest of your photos.

Last attempt info at a glance

Screen Lock Guardian displays the information on the exact time when someone tried to unlock your device, so you can use it as evidence against the intruder...

Local weather widget

The lock screen features a beautiful weather widget with up-to-date forecast information based on your location. No need to open a separate app!

Customizable background

You can set the background to be the same as your launcher wallpaper or choose one of the predefined designs (rays, isometric, etc.)


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Thanks to this app I found out who grabbed my phone. Best of all, it’s free. I love it. Now I feel safe, I highly recommend it.

thumb "Phone’s safety"
Alan Arellano

You can run, but you can’t hide. I like the app because it takes pictures of the person snooping in your phone.

thumb "Silent selfie"
Gregory Lee

Give it a look!