Security Warrior Antivirus

Security Warrior Antivirus

Say no to malware and theft!

On-demand Malware Scan

Fast and Effective Antivirus & Antispyware

We think security should be something simple. That’s why Security Warrior is one of the clearest and easiest to use antivirus for Android™.

Real-time protection keeps a vigilant eye on suspicious apps, while on-demand scans quickly check the phone storage to ensure no virus gets through.

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Security Warrior Key Features

Real-time Antivirus Protection

Surf the web safely. It’s completely automatic, and lightning-fast.

On-demand Malware Scan

Malware may come not only from apps, but also from the web, under the guise of innocent looking forms and download buttons.

Scheduled Scans

The Safe Surf shield of Security Warrior checks every site you load and blocks malicious one on the spot.

Anti-Theft – Remote Alarm

Security Warrior can track your phone on the map, sound a siren, lock it down and even erase its contents at your command.

Check the reputation of any app

The built-in App Insight makes it very easy to assess real privacy risks, so you can act without hesitation and remove the offending applications.

Give it a look!