Turbo Booster

Turbo Booster

Speed up your Android device

Easy-to-use booster

About the app

Just one tap: that is all you need to speed up your Android device using Turbo Booster, our free system cleaner and optimizer for smartphones and tablets.

Turbo Booster frees up internal and SD storage by cleaning junk files and obsolete apps, and it boosts Android performance by closing background processes.

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Why Use Turbo Booster

Make apps and games run faster

Turbo Booster works in the background to speed up your Android device, giving you better performance, more free memory and a vastly improved user experience

Reduce freezes and random reboots

With Turbo Booster memory cleaner you can recover and free up RAM memory by closing unnecessary running tasks that hog Android resources

Enjoy faster app loading times

Turbo Booster also speeds up your device by freeing up storage space, cleaning junk files and removing useless cache and folders

Key Features

Delete unused apps

Fewer apps means more free space and better performance for your devices. Turbo Booster's unused apps detector assists you with that

Easy-to-use booster

Turbo Booster shows all the important information about Android performance in one screen. Taking action only requires one tap

Silent mode

Choose between Silent mode and Classic mode to receive notifications whenever your device requires a performance boost


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It really made my phone run faster. I’d recommend this app to anyone who uses their phone for more than just phone calls.

thumb "Phone run faster"
Irv Levein

It’s the easiest way to speed up your smartphone. Just click on the icon and it does the work.

thumb "Useful"
William Starley

Give it a look!