WiFi Patrol

WiFi Patrol

Check your Wi-Fi signal level in real time.

About the app

Control the speed of your Wi-Fi from your favorite device with our powerful WiFi Patrol app. Check your wifi signal level in real time in just one click.

WiFi Patrol is the ideal app for those who want an exclusive tool for full control of the network they're connected to from their phone of tablet.

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Check your Wi-Fi signal level in real time.

Control your internet speed

Check and control the speed of the network you are connected to, with a precise real time scan.

Bad signal advisor

Get a notification if your Internet speed starts to drop.


View a graphical display showing the history of your favorite connections' speed. That way, you'll know if the connection quality is improving of getting worse over time.

Personalize your app

Decide if you want tests to be run automatically or manually; which ever you prefer!


Share the status of your network speed with whoever you want.

Give it a look!